We’ve all been there…

You have hired a new driver for your company, got the exam results back, and… Ouch! You weren’t’ expecting scores that bad. What is an employer to do?

Do you ignore the issue and hope that you aren’t slapped with a fine later in the year when something goes wrong (and it will go wrong)? Do you moan and complain about it and then redo everything? Or do you improve your company and driver’s training procedures to ensure that this issue never arises again?

That’s what we’d recommend and today, we are going to show you how.

1. Driver Development

Regardless of your driver’s history or previous training experience, this is a phenomenal way to ensure that your team is continually growing and excelling at their craft.

This course goes over the nuances of defensive driving using an interactive theory workshop, factoring in things such as stress and fatigue, and their impact on driver behavior.

When all is said and done, drivers will have their concentration, anticipation, and knowledge tested and improved in a very short amount of time.

To summarize, this course will help you ensure that every single one of your drivers is a safer, more reliable, and more economic example of your brand’s image.

2. Driver Theory Workshops 

If things are starting to get bad across the fleet, then it’s time to step up your game in the most economic way possible. And what better way to improve your driver’s skills, reactions, and habits than an in-depth workshop that teaches all of the core mechanics of defensive driving.

While the subject matter of these courses varies wildly from provider to provider, you can typically expect to see a number of courses on: Fatigue and other physical issues, stress management, extreme weather driving, economic driving, and hazard management.

For those of you who can’t afford to invest the time or money into providing your drivers with a full blown intensive course, these workshops provide all of the information and help your drivers need at a price tag you can afford.

3. E-Learning

If you don’t have the time or resources for either of the above options, you can always opt to purchase a Driver’s Safety E-learning course to help your driver’s shore up the gaps in their knowledge and experience.

Make sure that you are careful about which one you choose. Many of these courses require you to do little more than click the “Next Button” for hours on end. Others require your drivers to go through an intense series of tests and examinations to ensure that they have internalized the information.

And to make matters even better, most courses only take a few hours and cost pennies on the dollar (when compared to the intensive training or workshops) making it a bargain for your wallet and your driver’s time.


High risk drivers are not an easy liability to manage. By mandating the above training programs for your new drivers, you will drastically reduce the number of issues that you are faced with, and severely reduce the odds of an OSHA penalty.

Good luck out there and stay safe.