So we are now on part three of our four part series about the top OSHA fines for small businesses.

Here’s the deal.

Around 90% of businesses that are started end up failing within the first two years. While this statistic is a sobering reminder of the challenges of entrepreneurship, it is not a death sentence.

There are a number of reasons that small businesses fail so quickly, but a big reason for blue collar businesses is that they fail OSHA examinations and end up with fines and citations that they cannot pay off.

If you want to beat the odds and be a part of the 10% that succeeds every year, then you have to make sure that you cover yourself and your company with regards to OSHA.

Here are a few more of the top fines that small companies face every year.

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1. Wiring Design and Inspection

Number of Inspections: 851
Number of Citations: 1042
Total Amount Fined: $461,269.00
Average Fine: $542.00

One of the most common electrical hazards that employees face on the field of modern construction sites is ground fault electrical shock.

Typically these shocks are caused by low-grade equipment, faulty installation, or unsafe workplace practices. It may not be an easy fix, but it is worth it for the safety of your employees, and your bottom line. asy fix, but it is worth it for the safety of your employees, and your bottom line.

2. Aerial Lifts

Number of Inspections: 1259
Number of Citations: 1432
Total Amount Fined: $1,210,054.00
Average Fine: $961.00

If you have lifts at your work place, you should only allow qualified individuals to perform lifting operations. There are so many different things that could go wrong and having uninformed and untrained individuals performing lift operations is a quick way to get someone hurt and get a hefty fine from OSHA.