Every year, more and more small construction companies open their doors and make the conscious decision that they will not be including a safety program as part of their new companies culture.

Normally this is because they have so few employees that they feel they will slide under the radar with OSHA, and besides, if the managers are typically watching over their employees… It’s not that big of a deal?



However, luckily for all of you starting a small business who don’t want to incur thousands of dollars in fines, OSAH releases the top citations and dollar amount per inspection every single year.

By reviewing this information, you will be able to develop a solid safety plan so that you can eliminate fees and prevent an overly expensive safety inspection.

Here is a list of some fo the top OSAH fines from recent years.

1. Hazard Communications

Number of Inspections: 623
Number of Citations Per Year (Average): 1311
Total Dollar Amount Fined: $175,265.00
Average Fine: $281.00

This is one of the easiest fines to avoid. If you have any hazardous materials in your workplace, they must be clearly disclaimed and posted somewhere for all employees to see. You must also have the proper training procedures in place for handling hazardous materials and protective gear available for all

2. Training Requirements

Number of Inspections: 1055
Number of Citations Per Year (Average): 1158
Total Dollar Amount Fined: $491,164.00
Average Fine: $465.00

Proper training of all employees is one of the most important things to OSHA. Make sure you have a regular updated training meeting with all employees, especially those who have to use hazardous materials or equipment.