Ok, so we have spent a lot of time on this blog discussing ways that you can improve job site safety and improve employee training so that you can mitigate the risks of receiving a citation or fine from OSHA.

But at this point, some of you may have a couple of questions about OSHA.

Many of you may think that they are like that angry teacher who sat at her desk, eagerly waiting to hand out detentions to anyone and everyone who seemed like they were having a little too much fun.

But the reality is, there are some things you may not realize about OSHA that you need to know.

1. OSHA is on Your Side 

Well, sort of.

Here is the deal.

If you are following OSHA’s regulations and complying with their standards, according to many studies, you can actually end up making a return of around $3 for every $1 you invest in improved health and safety for your job site and your employees.

This number is drawn from a number of different sources, but when you think about it, it makes sense.

If you are investing in the safety of your employees, you are less likely to have to pay for workers’ compensation, you will be less likely to face lawsuits, and your employees will be more productive and trusting in you as a leader.

However, you need to remember that OSHA is a government organization and while you can save money by following their rules, if you break even one of them (intentionally or not) you can expect a hefty fine.

This is why it is important to hire third party consultants who can advise you on safety improvements before citations are on the table.