Ok, while the sarcastic humor of this article series may be running a little bit dry, the importance of the content is still as pertinent to you business owners as ever.

Unless you really do want to get a storm of fees, hearings, and potential law suits brought down on you and your business, you will not mess with OSHA. And you don’t really want to know how to get in trouble with them. You want to know how to avoid it.

So with that in mind, let’s dive into some ways you can stay out of trouble with OSHA? Ok?

  1. Control the Flow of Information

Once the inspection begins you need to make sure that they have all of the information that they need, and none that they did not ask for. Be sure that you are on hand to offer information requests as they arise, but limit what you provide to documents specifically requested by the representatives.

Flinging documents at them may make it appear like you are hiding something and could work against you in the final hearing.

  1. Be Sure You Conduct Private Inspections with Attorney Client Privilege

Not doing so means that everything is an open book for the government. If you want to cover your butt and make sure things go smoothly, have attorney client privilege in place whenever you run a private inspection.

  1. If You Receive a Citation Correct it Immediately

This is pretty straightforward, do this always, or you could end up in some seriously deep trouble.