If you are looking to cripple your business with fines, potential risk bankruptcy, and face more hyper-tension causing headache over the course of a few months than the last decade of business combined, then we recommend that you get in trouble with OSHA!

Just give it a go!

However, if you would prefer to run a safe, hygienic environment that your employees enjoy working in, with the added benefit of never getting slapped with fines or fees from OSHA, then we have compiled a list just for you of things not to do!

  1. Don’t Pay Attention to Industrial Hygiene Issues

While it is understandable that your concern at business will likely be more tied up with the safety of your employees instead of their health, ignoring common hygiene issues can get you into big trouble with OSHA.

Make sure you monitor your employee’s health and hire inspectors to check things out every once in a while, just to err on the side of caution.

  1. Don’t Bother with Enforcing Those Pesky Safety Rules

While they may seem like a waste of time and resources to you, OSHA takes their safety rules very seriously. They need to be printed, distributed, read, and followed by everyone in the building from the janitor to the CEO, from the rookie to the veteran.

Age and title do not matter when it comes to these rules and you need to ensure they are observed by everyone in your company.

Over the next couples of weeks, we will continue getting into some more things not to do when it comes to OSHA, but until then, stay safe.

Until next time.