Fall is about to be full swing.

Which means……

You should be well into the process of creating your company’s fall protection plan.

The three key elements of a great fall protection plan are:

A Well Written Plan

The most important part of a fall protection plan is a well-written plan that outlines what fall safety precautions—especially in regards to elevated working conditions—your employees should take.

If a well-written plan is in place and an incident occurs, you will:

• Receive lower fines
• Have decreased insurance costs
• Have decreased liability expenses

In addition, you’ll be protecting your employees by making sure they’re fully covered in regards to medical care and compensation.

A Fall Protection Plan Manager

A fall protection plan manager provides the leadership required to make sure any and all safety precautions are taken. He creates, organizes, develops, and implements a plan that covers all OSHA requirements and ensures employee safety. He also monitors the plan as it’s being implemented and inspects all fall equipment.

Proper Fall Protection Equipment

Proper equipment ensures your workers are protected and that you’ll be covered should an incident occur. A certified manufacturer is one of the best resources to use when purchasing equipment. They have the knowledge and experience required to know exactly what you need.

A well-written plan, plan manager, and proper fall protection equipment are the three key elements to a great fall protection program. Before it’s too late, include them in your company’s plan. If you need help, please don’t hesitate to contact Advanced Safety Consultants.