We get it, health and safety protocols in the workplace set by OSHA can seem a little bit over the top at times. You really wish you didn’t have to fill out 17 different forms for a task that’ll take 30 seconds.

But there is some method to the madness and reasons so many safety procedures need to be followed. We humans aren’t as invincible as we think.

We’re going to take a look at 10 of the most common workplace injuries as reported by leading insurance companies.

The 10 Most Common Workplace Injuries

Violent Attacks By Fellow Employees: You probably don’t like everyone in your work place but we’d like to think you won’t go as far as attacking colleagues due to silly office politics. Respect isn’t that hard to follow!

Repetitive Motion Injuries: If you work in an office you’ve probably had HR come and tell you to fix your posture, computer screen and chair height. There’s a reason, with repetitive injuries from typing and general computer use causing muscle strains, back pain, sight issues and carpal tunnel around the country every day.

Machine Entanglement: These injuries occur when you lose concentration for just a second and before you know it your clothes, shoes and/or body parts are suddenly caught in machines.

Vehicle Accidents: We all know how dangerous driving can be so there’s no real surprise to find this on the list given the amount of driving in some profession. Drive safely!

Walking Into Injuries: It’s embarrassing to walk into a pole while your busy texting on the street. At the workplace it can be both embarrassing and dangerous. Keep an eye out for walls, doors, draws windows and other general hazards. They’ll get you when you least suspect.

Falling Object Injuries: These injuries are usually going to involve the head which is never fun. The injuries can be from falling objects or objects accidentally dropped by others. This is when hard hats come in handy.

Reaction Injuries: These are unexpected trips and slips that don’t involve falling. They result in body trauma most commonly and are tough to prevent as human reactions are tough to train against their natural reactions. Self awareness goes a long way.

Falling From Heights: Roofs, ladders and stairways are the main causes here whether they are faulty or you accidentally slip. Due diligence and following best practices when you’re elevated is worth it. Even if it means no short cuts.

Slipping/Tripping: Us humans are a clumsy bunch at the best of time. Keep an eye out for slippery/wet surfaces and be aware of hazards on the floor to remain upright until it’s time to hit the bed.

Overexertion Injuries: Another form of injury where it takes just a second to injure yourself. When your pulling, lifting, pushing, carrying and throwing at work, keep concentrating and always maintain good posture.

Injuries in the workplace are definitely something that’d be better if you can avoid them. Sometimes they’re an accident, sometimes innocent mistake by human errors, other times an unavoidable tragedy. By being aware of the most common workplace injuries we hope you can at least be aware of why so many rules and regulations are in place.