Workplace injuries are avoidable when the right precautions are taken. In addition to workplaces needing robust safety processes in place, safety at work is something that every employee keep in mind. Whether you typically work on a busy construction site, or within a warehouse or factory, or even within a busy retail environment, there are some simple workplace safety tips that you can follow to avoid injuries on the job.

1) Only Use Tools and Machines Which You Are Trained and Qualified to Use

Follow proper safety procedures whenever using tools and machinery. It’s important that no shortcuts are taken. Avoiding important steps or ignoring safety instructions can lead to serious injury. Tell a safety pro, supervisor, or on-site health and safety representative if you have not been trained for dangerous tools or machinery.

2) Stay Aware of Your Surroundings

Environmental awareness is critical for safety at work. Keep your workplace clean and clear of hazards. Take note of potentially dangerous areas and avoid or navigate in the safest possible way. Contact management to make the workplace safe if you see clear hazards that cannot be avoided. It is an employer’s responsibility to ensure that all environmental hazards are noted and addressed in any way possible.

3) Use Lifting Tools or Machinery for Heavy Items

Back injuries and crushing injuries can occur when heavy items are not lifted and moved safely around a workplace. Ensure that an appropriate tool is used whenever items exceed reasonable manual carry weight. Use a dolly for smaller items, and forklifts for larger items, particularly machinery or stacked, packaged goods.

4) Always Use the Correct Equipment

One of the most important workplace safety tips is to always use the right protective equipment when on a job site. Always use high visibility gear, head protection, steel footwear, gloves, and other safety equipment whenever appropriate. Safety equipment is not limited only to industries like construction and manufacturing. In tech industries, adequate eye and even shock protection may be required for safety. Use the right gear for your environment, and contact your supervisor and safety pro if you have not been provided with adequate protection.

5) Don’t Work Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol

A significant number of workplace injuries are related to drug or alcohol intoxication. Your ability or judgement can be impaired even after the most noticeable effects wear off. Don’t consume alcohol within 24 hours of working a shift, and take note of any prescribed or over-the-counter medication that you are taking. Some medication for pain relief and even cold or flu medication could cause drowsiness that leads to injury on a work site.

If you are prescribed medications that could impair your ability to practice safety at work, then talk to your doctor about alternatives.

6) Maintain Good Posture While On the Job

Safety pros will tell you that back injuries are common in all industries. Even relatively sedentary jobs can come with the risk of back injury, particularly when correct good posture is not used. Use the right form when lifting or carrying items, and arrange an ergonomic workstation that allows your back to be straight and supported at all times. Office workers can talk to supervisors about ergonomic desk planning & sufficient seating to help support posture and prevent injuries.

These workplace safety tips are easy to follow and implement. They will have a positive impact on your well-being within any job environment. Whenever you have safety concerns, always consult your direct supervisor. He or she will be able to engage with safety pros to take the right steps to make your workplace safe.

For the best safety training, contact us today and make sure you, your coworker or employees are safe and healthy at work.