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Here’s the latest news in the safety industry….

OSHA has recently released its top 10 safety and health violations for 2016:

Number 1—Failing to provide workers with protective equipment when working from an elevated area.

Number 2—Absence of a hazard communications program.

Number 3—Not using or setting up scaffolds properly.

Number 4—Use of respirators that haven’t been approved, or fitted properly.

Number 5—An improper LOTO procedure.

Number 6—Forklift operation issues such as uncertified operators, unsafe use, and lack of safety protection while operating.

Number 7—Not using a ladder properly, or at all.

Number 8—Lack of guards for machines and equipment.

Number 9—Use of temporary (instead of permanent) electric wiring.

Number 10—Blocked electrical panels.

These type of problems can sneak up quick. Contact us to make sure you’re always protected—we provide onsite risk assessments, vulnerability assessment, and hazard/risk mitigation services. We’ll make sure that everything is in place so that you don’t have to worry about being hit with one of the above-mentioned violations.

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