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What You Don’t Know Will Hurt You

In recent months, OSHA has begun updating their regulations, completely changing the “Best Practices” for workplace health and safety.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of companies and contractors in the U.S. are either unaware of these changes or unsure of the steps they need to take to avoid fees and penalties.

And let us tell you… There are some serious fees!

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Could Your Business be Cutting Uncle Sam a Check for $57,000 This Year?

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Not only has OSHA enhanced and strengthened their regulations, but they have also significantly increased their fees and penalties for non-compliance and violations.

Meaning that if you aren’t fully educated and prepared to implement their new mandates, you could be writing Uncle Sam a check for over $57,000!

Luckily… There is a Solution!

At Advanced Safety Consulting, we are committed to helping companies all over the country meet and exceed the health and safety regulations put in place by OSHA.

With our trainings and consulting we have helped hundreds of clients avoid tens of thousands of dollars in fines and penalties.

And we want to help you too.

That is why we have put together our OSHA 10-Hour Construction course.


This OSHA 10, instructor-led training course teaches you everything you need to know to keep your employees and your bottom line safe.

From recognition, avoidance, abatement, and prevention of safety and health hazards in the workplace, our intensive course covers it all.

To help you and your company further, we also provide extensive information and training regarding workers’ rights, employer responsibility, and the proper process for filing a complaint.

This is the easiest, fastest, and most proven way for you and your employees to stay up to date with the OSHA safety requirements and earn a valid DOL/OSHA 10-Hour Card.

Thousands of construction workers have already taken the course and all but eliminated safety hazards in their workplace, and you and your employees can be next.

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