Incident investigation.

The term sounds scary.

But it’s really not—if you’re prepared.

An incident resulting in unintentional injury to one of your workers is unfortunate. As a business owner, the most important thing you can do to protect your business and employees is to be prepared. The best way you can do this is by creating an incident procedure.

Creating an Incident Procedure

A predetermined incident procedure allows you to act quickly and efficiently following an incident. The procedure should flow as smoothly as possible and in the following order:

• Provide the injured worker(s) with first aid and medical care
• Contact necessary incident investigation personnel
• Secure the area where the incident occurred
• Gather witnesses and all individuals involved
• Conduct interviews
• Document the scene by taking photos and/or videos

After completing these six steps, your job is done. Incident investigation personnel will take over to conduct the investigation.

Advanced Safety Consulting (ASC) Incident Investigations

ASC’s incident investigations are thorough and comprehensive. We have qualified and experienced teams that know how to conduct accurate investigations. In addition, they’re fully trained to provide you with necessary information that can prevent future incidents.


By creating and following an incident procedure, and contacting ASC, you can make an unfortunate incident less stressful. You can also ensure the safety of your business by protecting it from future incidents. If you’re in need, please don’t hesitate to contact ASC. We would love to help you.