Workplace safety is controversial among employees. Some will take safety seriously, others not so much and be casual about safety processes saying everything is too PC.

If something happens “she’ll be right”.

Ultimately having a safe workplace is best for everyone. Here are 8 ways you can quickly adapt to promote a safer workplace.

1 . Staff Training

This is the simplest, yet most effective way to achieve fewer injuries in the workplace. With a consistent clear and thorough training program employees can feel more confident with what they’re doing.

It’s alright to look at a resume and assume they’re qualified to do a job without any training, but sometimes common sense is forgotten. Nothing wrong with a little refresher.

  1. Hire Competent Workers

Taking shortcuts with staff who are willing to work for less is an easy trap to fall into. Resist the urge to hire anybody when time is tight, quality is everything. If you pay workers a little bit more, you’ll bring out the most competent employees looking for work.

  1. Meeting Tight Deadlines Isn’t Always Worth It

If you’ve got employees motivated, they’ll want to achieve the team goals consistently and failing to do so won’t be an option in their mind.

In this case they may take shortcuts creating dangerous situations.

Make sure the message is clear that safety is to never be compromised in any situation.

  1. Rewards For Safe Behavior

On the other hand, rewards for small changes that help workplace safety can help employees stay conscious about their actions as much as possible. In particular, rewards when someone helps or reminds another employee of workplace safety is a big win.

  1. Provide The Right Gear

Your employees won’t mind getting creative if given the chance to do so. If they mention they’ve run out of a product required in the day to day process or suggest for you to make some new purchases, you really should. They’ll battle on galantatly with what they’re given, but it only takes one small mistake for costs to skyrocket.

  1. Humans Are Forgetful

There are plenty of safety rules that don’t make sense, especially new safety rules that come in when nothing is broken. While there is likely a good reason for a change in rules, changing back into habits is easy. Signs with the new rules are a gentle reminder to follow the latest procedures.

  1. Keep Improving Safety Procedures

If you aren’t improving, you’ll fall behind. This principle applies for workplace safety. Have regular meetings with employees and get them to actively make suggestions on areas you can improve the safety of the workplace.

  1. Keep Up The Maintenance

Machines, tools and equipment will succumb to wear and tear over time and without regular checkups and maintenance these machines, tools and equipment may all come to a halt creating dangerous situations for those using them.

Take a look at yourself. The culture of workplace safety starts from the top down. Anytime your make an action, employees will be subconsciously absorbing your behavior. If you take a shortcut, you can be sure they will take that shortcut and blame you when things go wrong.