Environmental Services

Working toward a greener tomorrow by protecting today’s environment.


Plan Development

A Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP) can be developed for your specific project. ASC will work with your project team to ensure that the SWMP meets state regulations and your project needs to ensure compliance.

Program Audit

ASC can provide a full audit of your stormwater program to include; the management plan, inspection records & retention, Field audit of inspectors and stormwater control repair process.


ASC, Certified Inspector of Sediment and Erosion Control (CISEC) can perform and document the permit required inspection to ensure all stormwater control are operating as designed and are being maintained.


ASC will evaluate the project and prepare the required water quality permit for your project. ASC will also work with your project manager to ensure all required reports are completed and submitted on time.

Waste Management

Plan Development

ASC can develop a Waste Management Plan  for your operations to ensure compliance with current RCRA regulations. ASC will identify and evaluate your current waste streams to determine the most compliant, cost effective method for disposal. Recycling of all or partial waste streams will always be the first option.

Program Audit

ASC will evaluate your current waste management plan to include overall plan compliance, Satellite Accumulation Area inspection, records review and waste profile analysis.

Waste Determination

ASC can assist in identifying potential new waste streams and perform waste determinations. Once determinations are complete ASC can further assist in profiling and selecting the proper method of disposal to ensure compliance with RCRA regulations.