Defensive Driver Training in the workplace is a little-known training program outside of the logistics industry. The fact is, even if driving is only a small part of your business, it may be a good idea to invest in defensive driver training.

Defensive driver training in the workplace can reduce the incidence of injury by 40% for every 100,000 miles driven according to the National Safety Council. This may not sound like a significant number depending on how many employees you support. And if you only have a few employees who only drive a few miles, is it really worth the expense?

Here are three reasons why you should consider defensive driver training for your employees and for your business.

One. Defensive Driver Training Has Several Convenient Options

There are several different ways defensive driver training can be administered and tests can be taken. The training can be taken on-site in a classroom setting. If it makes sense, you can even have one of your employees certified to administer the training. It can be completed online. Or, your employees can go to a training center. The more immersed your employees can be in the information and have a support system to talk about issues as they come up, the more successful the program can be for your organization.

Two. Increase Efficiency

As your employees learn safer ways to navigate and handle their vehicles, there may be some time savings that naturally occur. Plus, employees may be able to better plan trips, deliveries that save time and energy. When safety is the focus, efficiency can be a byproduct. Defensive driving becomes the culture. The more your employees are immersed in the ideas and concepts around safe driving, the more they will look at the outside world through that lens.

Three. You Protect Your Employees Because You Actually Care

There are certain businesses regardless of size and regardless of industry who treat their employees like family. And they want to do everything possible to take care of their family. Yes, a workplace accident can not only affect the employee, it can affect the rest of your team, it may affect your customers, and it may affect you financially in rising costs. There are employers out there who genuinely care about each and every employee and want them to succeed. Giving them the tools to be successful not only serves them today but also protects them in the future. Be one of those employers who go above and beyond for their employees and reward them with the training they deserve to perform at their best, safely.

Defensive driver training may seem like just another training program on top of all of the other important training programs. Being out on the road is one of the most dangerous environments for employees, especially new drivers. You can empower your employees with defensive driver training to enhance a culture of safety that follows them inside the workplace as well as on the road.