Workplace safety goes beyond signs and talk. The clothing in the workplace, particularly anywhere where machines are involved needs to be taken seriously.

When it comes to footwear, many people overlook this as really necessary, until something lands on the end of the toe of course. Here’s why the workplace makes steel cap work boots a necessity.

Beauracracy gets a bad wrap, but whether you agree with a lot of it, when it comes to Occupational Safety and Health Administration you need to follow the rules. When you work in a job with potential hazards, those hazards may well mean stuff falling onto your poor toes. Steel caps can protect you from a lot of these hazards and while OSHA may not require them to be slip resistant there’s no harm right?

2. Falling debris
If you work a construction job, there’s the constant risk of falling bricks, lumber or heavy equipment. Steel toe boots prevent such objects from taking your toes with them. If you’re protecting your head from falling objects, you should do the same for your toes.

Construction sites are a nightmare for accidents. For every incident, there are hundreds of close calls from gear, debris and who else knows what. Hard hat helmets are mandatory, but while you might see workers running around in bare feet or flip flops in Southeast Asia, your toes won’t look pretty after a while. Common sense plays a part in construction sites, look after your feet.

3. Comfort

Steel toe boots are actually comfortable. If you buy the cheapest off the shelf, they may not fit properly but that’s not the case if you spend a little bit more. They are heavier too, but that is something you quickly get used to and if you look after them at the end of each day, steel toe boots can last you years.

4. Looks great
Like comfort, if you pay for the cheapest pair available you aren’t likely to be the stylish person around, that or you can look like a clone with the classic black steep cap shoe. There are a ton of style options available if you shop around with sports shoes and dress shoes definitely a design option.

5. Complements your hard hat
Setting a leadership example is all about doing the small things right, which in many scenarios means dressing appropriately. A hard hat and bright safety vest certainly stick out, but wearing flimsy shoes stands out for negative reasons. By wearing steel toe boots as well, you not only look like a boss, you are the epitome of safety and others will follow your lead if you look the part.

6. Durability

The steel toe section of the boot is solid as a rock. If you really dislike shoe shopping, make sure you get a shoe that has a quality construction all over the shoe. A good steel cap boot is built to get beat up all day without letting you (or your toes) down, some people love to boast they’ve had the same pair of shoes for 10+ years.

7. Keep your toes
You need your toes! Many of the accidents the steel cap boots will save you from are short term toe injuries that are damn annoying. There are scenarios where you could potentially lose your toes without steel cap boots. Without a couple toes, have fun trying to walk, run, jump and balance as you did with them. Life isn’t so easy all of a sudden.

Like it or not, workplace safety isn’t a joke. Steel cap boots are enjoyable and you’ll not even notice them as they become part of your daily routine. Until they save you from losing your toes.