A fire can be a back breaker.

The damages and losses can occur quickly.

Even if you’re fully insured, a fire is something you definitely don’t want to deal with.

As a business owner, you want to ensure you’re doing everything you can to protect your investments and employees.

Three ways you can protect your business from a fire are:

Identify Fire Hazards

In order to start, a fire needs three things:

• A source of ignition
• Fuel to burn
• Oxygen to feed the flames

Something is considered a fire hazard when all of the above are located close to one another. By simply moving the items, you can eliminate a fire hazard.

Identify Employees Who Are at Risk

You should identify particular groups of employees that are most at risk should a fire occur. They are:

• Employees working near fire dangers
• Employees working alone
• Elderly employees
• Disabled employees
• Children

Once identified, you can come up with a special evacuation plan.

Conduct a Full Fire Risk Assessment

You can only do so much. Sometimes, the best idea is to let a professional safety company conduct a full fire risk assessment. By doing this, you’re leaving nothing up to chance—ensuring that your business and employees are fully protected.


In order to reduce the risks of a fire, your best bet is to contact a professional safety service. Putting your business in the hands of trusted professionals is never a bad decision. When you’re ready, please contact Advanced Safety Consulting. We’re always happy to help.